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We left on Sunday the 21st with the plane from Venice to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Ankara. When we arrived in Ankara Ms Irem Ebru, her father and Mihai's partner were waiting for us.
We went by a kind of bus to the school, where the families were waiting for us and everybody went to their family's home.
On Monday when we arrived at school all the students were outside, they were celebrating the first day of spring with poems and their anthem. Italians started first their presentations. Then it was the other students' turn. The last presentation by us was about our school, which was presented by Alessio. After us the other countries made their own presentations about their countries.
About at 2 o'clock we went to visit the Ataturk Mausoleum. Ataturk means "father of Turks", and, in fact, he is like a father to the Turkish people, and almost venerated like a God by Turkish people, and in that Mausoleum there are a lot of items which belonged to Ataturk.
The avenue which leads to the Mausoleum is very strange: there is a lot of space between the bricks, and they are irregular. The avenue is made like this because by bowing your head to look where you are walking you show respect. Along the path there are a lot of lions, which "protect" Ataturk. We walked a little around Ankara and then everyone went home or around with their partners.
On Tuesday, before the legends presentation there was a game: while the music was playing the guys had to walk around some chairs, and when the music stopped they had to sit down, but there was a chair less than the people. That game is known in Italy too.
After the game the presentations: Italy started first, and again there were some technical problems, but at the end they were fixed. After us all the countries presented their legends. I'm honest, they were too long, and from a certain moment I stopped listening to them.After the presentations we went to Mogan Lake. After the lake we visited the Atatower. It's a big tower with a spherical top. From that tower you can see almost all the town.
On Wednesday there was another game: at a certain word we had to stand up, at an other word we had to kneel. After the game there was the logo competition and the prize giving to the winner. We visited a lot of ethnic museums, and we visited also a castle called Ankara Citadel: that was the think I (and I think all of us did) liked the most, and there were no protections and you could fall down on the street if you weren't careful.
On Thursday we had to leave at 6.00 am . We visited Cappadocia. The rocks are very soft so the nature did its job. The special softness of those rocks allowed the men to dig inside them to make a place where to live. Inside some of the caves there are signs of the Christian religion. For example paintings of Jesus and other Christian signs.
We went also to Derinkuyu, an underground city. Actually it's very big, but we visited few levels. Probably in that city Christian people hid from persecutors.
We were taken to a place where pottery is made, and some of the students tried to make something with clay.
On Friday morning we did some tests about our partners and the experience, we answered questions about them, and they answered questions about us, to see how well we had got to know each other.. After that we had a lot of free time. At 7 pm there was a sort of party with all the partners and families, and a band played something for us.
We left for the bus station at 10.30 pm and left for Istanbul at midnight.
We arrived in Istanbul at about 5-6 am and went to our hotel and left our luggage and started visiting Istanbul. First we visited the Blue Mosque, after it Santa Sofia (an ex-church converted into a mosque).
We ate in an restaurant and then we went around Istanbul and visited a lot of museums.
We also visited a bazaar. It was huge, and very very crowded.
After the bazaar we went on a trip with a boat. It lasted about 2 hours, but it was very relaxi

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Description of the project

We are very pleased to join in this multilateral Comenius Project.
We wish we contribute to exchange culture between our countries (France, Italy, Poland, Turkey) with the awareness that meeting in person is just one step of our common path.
We are going to start with an exchange of personal information about our worlds, and then through the study of tales representing our nation, we’ll share these tales first on this social network , then during the different visits in the different countries in person, trying to find a good way to understand and to learn how to live together in peace.

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by Caterina Ferragina
ITCS "Maria Lazzari" ITALY
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Description of the project 2010-2011


Dear TTT Students and Teachers,

 Here we are just about to end our Comenius project "Tell Tale Thrills". We are going to present our own stories and present our own illustrations in Dolo, Italy, in May, which will be just like tell tale thrills. We are going to tie very strong knots for our friendship and it will be forever.

You can always have a peek at this our wonderful social network and our website to keep your memories alive.

Hope to meet you all in May!!!!

With my warm regards,

Irem Ebru Gursoy


Dear TTT Students and Teachers!!!

We are so happy to start our second year of our Comenius project "TELL TALE THRILLS"!!!! I would like to give you my sincere appreaciation about your contribution to the project. I am sure we will have another great year by working on the project. I wish you have a successful and exciting time this year too.

With all my love,

Irem Ebru Gursoy

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