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Many years ago in a small castle on top of a hill, there lived a beautiful princess named Asia who loved to go every day to be entertained by the sound of birds in the shade of her favorite tree, a cherry tree that had been in her gardens for many years.

One day during the reception for her mother’s birthday she decided to go for a ride through the forest with her little donkey that her parents had given her when she was small.

While walking through the woods she saw something shining among the flowers that gave colours to the wood, she got off her little donkey, and went to pick up a strange RING. While she was looking at it, behind her came three dwarfs. In the beginning Asia and her donkey were very much frightened, but they made them understand that the dwarves were not bad. Once she felt comfortable, the dwarves wanted to see the ring and explained Asia that there was an evil man, called Captain Hook because of its strange tuft-shaped hook. This man had been disturbing for many years the poor inhabitants of the forest, and nobody had ever managed to get rid of him.

Asia after hearing the story and greeting the dwarfs went home with her donkey.
All night she thought of what she had been told by the dwarves. This story seemed familiar and after a while she remembered that her grandmother had always told it to her when she was small. she also remembered that her grandmother had told her that the solution of how  to get rid of Captain Hook was in a book that was written in the fourth shelf of the library of the castle. Once she did not think that this story was true, but now she did, so she hurried to the library and thumbed after dozens of books, to find what she needed.

Carefully she read all night and the day after she secretly took the family carriage, and with the help of her dear donkey she went into the forest to get the dwarves to go to the house of Captain Hook. After many hours of travel they arrived in front of a spooky house. They were very frightened, but as Asia was brave, she also encouraged her friends and invited them to sing the song that was written in the book, as a remedy to get rid of Captain Hook . As soon as they began to sing the doors of the house flew open and left a small, ugly man with a strange bunch hook, who was shouting to drive them out but now it was too late, and soon he was transformed into a tuft of hair. All the inhabitants of the forest began to jump and shout for joy. From that moment on, the wood was free of hook and the ring forever remained with Asia as a memento of this fantastic adventure.

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Description of the project

We are very pleased to join in this multilateral Comenius Project.
We wish we contribute to exchange culture between our countries (France, Italy, Poland, Turkey) with the awareness that meeting in person is just one step of our common path.
We are going to start with an exchange of personal information about our worlds, and then through the study of tales representing our nation, we’ll share these tales first on this social network , then during the different visits in the different countries in person, trying to find a good way to understand and to learn how to live together in peace.

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by Caterina Ferragina
ITCS "Maria Lazzari" ITALY
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Description of the project 2010-2011


Dear TTT Students and Teachers,

 Here we are just about to end our Comenius project "Tell Tale Thrills". We are going to present our own stories and present our own illustrations in Dolo, Italy, in May, which will be just like tell tale thrills. We are going to tie very strong knots for our friendship and it will be forever.

You can always have a peek at this our wonderful social network and our website to keep your memories alive.

Hope to meet you all in May!!!!

With my warm regards,

Irem Ebru Gursoy


Dear TTT Students and Teachers!!!

We are so happy to start our second year of our Comenius project "TELL TALE THRILLS"!!!! I would like to give you my sincere appreaciation about your contribution to the project. I am sure we will have another great year by working on the project. I wish you have a successful and exciting time this year too.

With all my love,

Irem Ebru Gursoy

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