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Po niezwykłym i malowniczym locie samolotem i długiej podróży minibusem dotarliśmy do Dolo pod szkołę. Czekałam z niecierpliwością i utęsknieniem na Giorgie. Bardzo się ucieszyłam na jej widok, gdy spotkałam ją po tak długim czasie.Poznałam jej niezwykle uprzejmych i miłych rodziców z ktorymi pojechaliśmy do domu. Po mimo wyczerpującej podróży…


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Many years ago in a small castle on top of a hill, there lived a beautiful princess named Asia who loved to go every day to be entertained by the sound of birds in the shade of her favorite tree, a cherry tree that had been in her gardens for many years.

One day during the reception for her mother’s birthday she decided to go for a ride through the forest with her little donkey that her parents had given her when she was small.

While walking through the woods she saw something…


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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tree, a cherry-tree for the precision, a huge plant from which flowed  the energy that kept everything alive. It was up to it to regulate  the cycle of seasons, to make the plants sprout and  make the flowers bloom. Its fruits kept alive all races that inhabited the Earth. A beautiful fairy, called Ael, was the princess of the kingdom of  Idhunn, where fairies and humans coexisted peacefully. Ael, along with her maidens, kept the tree alive, protecting…


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Visit to Poland

Municipal School No. 4 on 17-24.10.2010 visited the Comenius project "Tell Tale Thrills," a group of 25 students and teachers from partner schools: Anadolu Lisesi Umitkoy - Turkey, Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Statale "Lazzari Maria '- France, Lycee Jean Moulin - France.

The Comenius program of the visit include: a trip on a trip to Ogrodzieńca, visit the Palace Mieroszewskich, meeting at City Hall with Mayor, gala dinner at the castle and Będzin knights' shows, a trip to Krakow and visit… Continue

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Blog for Files

Blog for files.

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My name is Arianna. I’m 16 years old and my birthday is on the 21st of May.

In my family there are 5 people: me, my mum Paola, my dad Ulisse, my oldest brother Claudio and my youngest brother Luca. I have a dog who is called Penny.

I live in Dolo in the province of Venice in Italy.

I am not very tall, I have long brown curly hair and brown eyes. I love listening to music. My favourite singers and bands are: Avril Lavigne, Pink, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Blink… Continue

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Description of the project

We are very pleased to join in this multilateral Comenius Project.
We wish we contribute to exchange culture between our countries (France, Italy, Poland, Turkey) with the awareness that meeting in person is just one step of our common path.
We are going to start with an exchange of personal information about our worlds, and then through the study of tales representing our nation, we’ll share these tales first on this social network , then during the different visits in the different countries in person, trying to find a good way to understand and to learn how to live together in peace.

The winner logo



by Caterina Ferragina
ITCS "Maria Lazzari" ITALY
Go to video
is the website of TELL TALE THRILLS. Here you will be able to reach all of the activities and the products of our project.
is the link to the French stories and the exercises related to them. is the link to the play performed in Revin, France, on 17 June 2010. the link to the Turkish stories (videos, scripts and exercises related to them).
is the link to
- III BIM's (ITCS Lazzari -Dolo) stories (videos, scripts and exercises related to them).
- III A Iter's (ITCS Lazzari - Dolo) stories (videos, scripts and exercises related to them)-
- III A Igea's (ITCS Lazzari - Dolo) stories (videos, scripts and exercises related to them). is the link to Polish stories (videos, scripts and exercises related to them)

Description of the project 2010-2011


Dear TTT Students and Teachers,

 Here we are just about to end our Comenius project "Tell Tale Thrills". We are going to present our own stories and present our own illustrations in Dolo, Italy, in May, which will be just like tell tale thrills. We are going to tie very strong knots for our friendship and it will be forever.

You can always have a peek at this our wonderful social network and our website to keep your memories alive.

Hope to meet you all in May!!!!

With my warm regards,

Irem Ebru Gursoy


Dear TTT Students and Teachers!!!

We are so happy to start our second year of our Comenius project "TELL TALE THRILLS"!!!! I would like to give you my sincere appreaciation about your contribution to the project. I am sure we will have another great year by working on the project. I wish you have a successful and exciting time this year too.

With all my love,

Irem Ebru Gursoy

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